About Us

Manny Hall & Associates

We started in 2017 in Cleveland, OH with a desire to help entrepreneurs build their brands effectively. We work with clients around the world to tell their brand story, bring value to their audience, and build relationships. We have found that bringing more value to your target audience on a consistent basis brings more opportunities and sales for your business.

We are not your traditional marketing company; we believe in the importance of branding and storytelling to capture the attention of your audience. Our team consists of talented coaches, web designers, strategists, photographers, videographers, copywriters, and graphic designers.

Our Vision

We stand on Manny’s original vision to help businesses thrive by identifying what’s missing in their branding strategy. He realized early on that starting a business was difficult, but building the business was even more difficult, by himself. We believe that every business owner has the potential to build a successful brand, and we would love to help.

Manny really sees the greatness in others and knows how to guide and push you to your greatness. He gives realistic expectations and goals. Will recommend to others.

Erica W

Manny Hall and Associates is very professional and knowledgeable company. They know branding and marketing! I would definitely recommend them.

D's Sweet Treats & More

Amazing experience, manny really takes his time to get to know you and your business. Realistic goals and expectations based on your business needs

Keenya S.