Does it want defending?

The signal on some bushes close to a park in my city says, Beware: Bee’s.

An area service provider provides a notice to some receipts that claims, Your superior.

It’s tempting to talk up and level out that the sky comma is exhibiting up the place it shouldn’t. And lacking when it is likely to be useful.

However language shifts, altering over time, and as we change into ever extra post-literate, it’s not arduous to think about that the apostrophe’s assigned position is ending. Greengrocers and others with pens have taken possession.

Generally, individuals throw in an additional apostrophe to sound sensible. And typically, they merely quit as a result of it’s not definitely worth the bother to determine when or when to not use one.

Pedants will at all times pedant and attempt to defend the language, however the language modifications whether or not we wish it to or not.

This cycle of the casual turning into formal, then a badge of honor after which fading away has at all times been with us. It’s solely going to speed up, yet another shift attributable to know-how.

PS up to now, it looks like AI is admittedly good with apostrophes.


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